Imentor Training Academy





I Intention

M Mindset

E Empowerment

N Network

T Teamwork & Total Actions

O Ongoing Support

R Results and Review




iMentor is a Training Academy which offers Programs to Empower Individuals in the Areas of

  • –          Applied Business and Entrepreneurship
  • –          Personal Development, Mindset,  Leadership  & Professional                   Coaching
  • –          Health, Nutrition and Wellness

It was launched in July 2013.


The Objective Simple: To Offer Hope, Support, Empowerment and Transformation


To Transform More Lives in Mindset, Health and Personal Income and Business.


  •     Hope to Those in Financial Crisis by Offering a Source of Extra Income besides the 9 to 5 Job
  •   SOLUTION: By Offering a Comprehensive Training Program in Entrepreneurship and Business Building Basics for Start Ups and Aspiring Entrepreneur
  •    Hope to Those in Emotional Turbulence
  •   SOLUTION by Offering Tools to Pick up the Broken Pieces and Rebuild the self Confidence, Reclaim Self Dignity and Stand Tall again by Installing a Positive Mindset and Confidence Building Program
  •   Hope to Those in Health Needs
  •   SOLUTION by Offering Natural Healing Solutions where Conventional Medicines have failed or support those believes Prevention is Better than Cure
  •    Hope to Those Challenged with Weight Issues  causing many health related diseases
  •    SOLUTION by offering Natural Weight Loss Programs that is Proven Effective, Fast and Natural
  •  Hope to Parents who Cant seem to Get their kids to listen to them anymore or who prays day and night for a miracle
  •  by Offering support for their kids to pass the next exams
  •  Hope to the Wounded Soul who has been bruised and battered in life through Life’s Ups and Downs
  • by Offering a Way to Let Go, Release all the Years of Pent Up Emotions, Detox the Mind and Soul towards a Better Life

iMentor has been Featured on the National TV and Newspaper


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